What's Here

For the Pleasure Angler

Our pegs are spacious and comfortable, disabled anglers are well catered for with several designated close parking bays. Please feel free to call or text and we can let you know which pools are available for pleasure fishing in the week ahead.

For the Open Match Angler

We run four open matches a week; these are held on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday with the draws at 9am and they are generally fished from 10am till 3pm. Attendance is always good for these matches so it's advisable to book early.

We offer a free weekly text telling you which venues will be in used for the forthcoming week.

To receive our texts simply fill out our enquiry form or alternatively you can check back at our website for weekly updates.

For the Club Match Angler

All pools are available for club bookings and most book at least 12months in advance to avoid disappointment. We charge by the peg not by the pool and have a variety of lake sizes and we are happy to cater for all clubs big or small.